Adash Vibrio M - Vibrómetro, Analizador y colector de datos, todo en uno


Kirk Cormany from Adash America is describing the main features of Adash A4900 Vibrio M:
All basic vibrodiagnostics measurements - Overall values, Time signal, Frequency bands, FFT Spectrum, Route measurement
4 MB memory for data storage
Detects unbalance, looseness, misalignment or bearing faults
ISO 10816-3 included
8 hours of operation
LED stroboscope
Available also in intrinsically safe version A4900 Vibrio M Ex

The A4900 Vibrio M device allows you to perform all basic vibro-diagnostics measurements for bearing condition, identification of mechanical faults and lubrication assessment. Data memory allows you to store off-route and route measurements. The professional software DDS for Vibrio M can be downloaded from the Adash website free of charge. Our expert system for automatic machine fault detection is included.

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