DDS tutorial 12 - Installation guide for online monitoring


In this video I will show you what software installation you need for DDS online monitoring system.

First of all, you need to download and install dongle key drivers. Dongle key is necessary for licensed version of DDS. We install the same drivers for both dongle types – it means, same for local dongle and also for net dongle. Where you can find drivers installation file? Let me show you.

First option is to visit website You click on tab Downloads and choose third parties software. You find USB dongle key driver and click on download button. It transfers you to this page and you click on download button here. Read the policy agreement, then you confirm it and you have installation folder in your computer. Open this folder and run HASPUserSetup.exe file.

Second option is to find installation file on flash drive. You get it from Adash. Go to folder Software other and pick Hasp folder. Same as in previous option, run file HASPUserSetup.exe.

Follow the installation wizzard’s instructions.

Next software needed is DDS itself.

You can find installation file also on flash drive you get from Adash. You can find it in folder with name Software Adash.

You can go also to website You choose tab downloads and Adash software. You can find latest version of DDS here. So, let’s start with an installation.

At the beginning, choose language of installation setup. For example – English. Now you follow installation guide. Click on ‘Next’ buttons, and finally you have ‘Install’ button here. Perfect! You have DDS software installed.

For net dongles there is one more important part. We need one computer in network which will be taken as a server computer or license computer. It needs to run 24 hours per 365 days. We need to assure continuous online monitoring. You need to install dongle drivers on this computer. Dongle drivers you install the same way as mentioned earlier. BUT you need to install one more important part – it is license manager. Let’s see how to install it and where you can find it.

Installation file for license manager you can find in folder \Software_other\HASP_License_Manager – and you run file lmsetup.exe. To proceed with installation run this exe file. Choose language you prefer and follow installation wizzard. Keep in mind you need to install license manager as a service. Firewall rules are also created during this installation. In the end of installation there is a question if you want to start license manager now. You can click ‘No‘ button and finish. Now you have license manager installed.

As the last part you need to install MySQL server, we also call it Adash server. You can find it on web you will go to, click on downloads button, choose Adash firmware and here you will scroll down to online monitoring system, here you will choose your online unit and click on Adash server. Now you have Adash server installation file, you will go through installation wizzard and you have Adash server installed.

Second option is to find installation file on flash drive. You will go to Software Adash folder and here you will choose Adash server, you will also click through installation wizzard.

For large databases or projects, you can use also Microsoft SQL server.

And that’s it! You have all necessary software installed. More information can be found in manual for online monitoring systems.