ADASH VA5 Pro Schwingungsanalysator - Kurzübersicht


Use multitasking tool in order to analyze your machinery.

VA5 Pro: Vibration Analyzer, Balancer, thermal imaging camera, ultrasound, bump test, ODS, MCSA - you name it…

ADASH VA5 Pro - Explore the most powerful Vibration Analyzer on the market.

Unit modes:

Vibration Analyzer - analytical measurements
Data collector - route measurements
Balancer - 1 and 2 plane on site balancing
IR Camera - thermal imaging
Run up - run up and coast down measurements
Recorder - raw signal recording for later post analysis
MCSA - Motor Current Signature Analysis Stethoscope - listening of the bearing/machine noise FASIT - expert system for automatic fault detection
Octave analyzer - hearable sound measurements
Bump test - measurement of natural frequencies
ADS - Animated Deflection Shapes (Operating deflection shapes)
Ultrasound - measurement of ultrasound in 30 - 50 kHz range
Lubri - Monitoring and Control of Lubrication Process