Online Vibration Monitoring System - ADASH A3800


A3800 is a compact size online vibration monitoring system, which can measure 4-16 AC values - vibrations, 4-16 DC values for example temperatures, pressures and other process values + speed. A3800 is upgradable. So you can buy 4, 8, 12 or 16 channels system and later you can upgrade it. The beauty in this is that it can be done just through email. The hardware for 16 channels measurement is already there and we are just opening another measurement cards by license file. Online monitoring systems are made for 24/7 machinery monitoring. They are meant for critical machines in your factory on which the whole production can rely on. So you want to know their health at any time. In practice it looks like this: You have your machine with acceleration sensors permanently installed on machine bearing houses. Sensors are wired into A3800 online monitoring system and the A3800 is connected with a PC server, where the data are stored. This can be done through Ethernet cable or Wifi. Server passes the data into individual PC workstations (for example to control room), where you can view real time overall vibration data in DDS software. By applying alarm and danger limits you can see the vibration status in traffic light colors and immediately react to any suspicious machine behavior. There is also email notification feature in case of exceeded vibration limits. The data are being stored regularly and you can make your analysis. You can even prepare the layout of your machinery set and display required measurements next to each component for your better orientation. Additionally there are A3800 output relays module for notifications for example for traffic light beacons next to the machines or other use. 4-20 mA current loop output modules available for connection with your control systems of production process for instance. Imagine that you found unacceptable vibrations on your machine and you would like to find out more, you would like to do deeper analysis of this machine. Do you need to get powerful portable analyzer, go to the machine, hook up the sensors and make the analysis? NO! You have everything prepared. The A3800 has the analyzer interface already preinstalled. It is called Virtual unit and basically it is the same working environment from our portable devices. We can switch off the DDS and connect with A3800 by Remote desktop feature. Switch off the online data collection and open the Virtual unit. Now we can define required measurement on required channel or channels and perform our vibration analysis… overalls, FFTs, Time waveforms and so on. You can perform Run up and coast downs, make 1-2 plane balancing jobs, Bump test, Raw signal recording, octave analysis and our expert systems FASIT and Lubri are also available there. That was a brief introduction of our A3800 online vibration monitoring system. Now it is your turn to think about your machinery park and decide which machine is important for you and basically which one deserves to be monitored continuously.