How should I create my factory measurement journey?

Factory measurement journey? Let’s give it different name…the Route. Why?

For the beginning of our Predictive maintenance program we will use 2 measurement types per measurement point as agreed. See item 1 on the picture. These are velocity in mm/s and acceleration in g measurments.

These two data cells lay under the measurement point, item 2 on the picture. The measurement point is the place on the machine where we will be taking the measurement. There will be more measurement points on each machine.  For example on each bearing housing of the machinery component + one on the axial direction on the machinery set.

Another is item 3 which is our machine or machinery set.

We can create more machines and they can lay below some section or division of your company (in our example it is Department 1) which is represented by number 4 on the picture.

factory measurment journey
Route tree example

I guess you will agree that above sketch looks like a tree with branches. And that’s what we will call it. We will call it the Route tree. We will create our Route tree in the DDS software and it will basically guide us to which department we should go, to which machine and where to place the sensor to take our measurements.

How should I create my factory measurement journey?