Track the trend of vibration

Now you have created your Route tree and you regularly measure your machines (e.g. 2 times per month). It is time to track the trend of vibrations on individual measuring points and see their development in time.

Stable trend

Is your trend of velocity and acceleration measurement stable like in the picture?

stable trend
Stable trend

Stable trend with acceptable values means, that your machine (or bearing) is running under stable condition, then you should not be worried and this machine can be operated without any restrictions.

Attention: Even if the trend is stable, there can be cases when the machine will break down without any warning. This can happen for example if the machine runs with some manufacturing defect. It does not happen very often, but it happens.

Unstable trend – rising trend

Is your trend of velocity or acceleration measurement rising like in the picture?

rising trend
Rising trend

Is it Velocity measurement? Then as we learned it will be a mechanical fault related to the speed of the machine such as unbalance, misalignment or loosenes. You should measure the machine more frequently and look for a deeper analysis of the machine to find out what the problem is.

Is it Acceleration measurement? This higher frequency measurement is most often related to bearings. Grease the bearing. Measure it more frequently and if the value is still rising you should plan to change the bearing.


Track the trend of vibration