Vibration data storage reduction - data saving parameters in DDS

Hello, It’s Adela with Adash and I have included information about vibration data saving in this video. Thanks to previous videos, you already know how to setup online units, how to create database and how to start vibration measurements. But which measured vibration values should be saved? All or just some?

There are huge numbers of vibration values collected. If we save all of them, our database and hard drive would be full very quickly. This is the reason why we use data saving parameters. Basically, we use them for data reduction as we don’t need to save all measured values. Because if the new measurement value is almost the same as the previous one, then there is no need to save it again and again.

Preparing for On-Site Balancing:
Before balancing itself, it´s important to analyze the condition of the machine to confirm that the problem really is imbalance.

Data saving parameters such as mode, maximum interval, minimum value threshold, minimum relative change, minimum absolute change and minimum interval. What do they actually mean?